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Récit; En survie dans la foret tropicale

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Philippe Buffon
Philippe Buffon
Nov 19, 2020

Hello how are you Pedro when i begin it is not requires now it is anather thing now there by exemple universty for journalists Best regards You can contact me as you want Philippe


Nov 18, 2020

Hi philippe, how are you? I'm a follower from Argentine.

For you: To be a war journalist requires university studies? In the event that you think the university studies are needed, what careers do you recommend for this job? How do you get into a war zone to report/film? Then how do you get out of those areas? Do you need to go on behalf of a newspaper or a news channel or can you go on your own? Do you ''need permits'' to publish this kind of film works/reports? By the way, your récits and your reports inspire me a lot, i am thankful about meet your channel and your work, thank you for sharing it with the world. Greetings, Pedro Malvigne.

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